Support registration seems not to be working
(11-04-2016, 01:34 PM)Luke Wrote: I assume you are referring to a registration on: ?
Just to let you know I just tested the system: I successfully registered, received an email and 'accepted the invitation' to customer self-service, and was able to submit a ticket. Now I can view my submitted ticket that is pending.  

So it must be an issue on your side. Unless I misunderstood something ...

Hi, Luke.

Thanks for trying it out.  I'm glad it works for you; hopefully it is indeed working in general.  It is however still not workng for me.  I'm running the latest Firefox on Linux.  It will not get fixed, since it is not possible to with reasonable effort track down the problem.  I can only hope my support request on the "shipping" forum is noticed.  I suspect it will not be - I think to be noticed it needs to go through support.  I have emailed sales, a few times now, but there is never a reply.  I suspect in due course then, being unable to contact anyone to resolve the shipping issues which appear to exist, I will contact my credit card company for a refund, simply due to having no other options available Undecided

Fortunately, Raspberry Pi3 is now supported in the Linux kernel.  I have since ordering the PINE64 found a solution to my particular ARM64 support problem such that I can in fact wait for them to finally get a 64 bit kernel out.

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