Linux Distro with OpenSimulator
OK I have backed and paid for the Pine64 and I was left with the question of "What am I gonna do with it once I get it?" The obvious answer to me (and probably only to me) is to turn it into a local Open Sim server that I can remotely access over ethernet with my laptop and a viewer like Singularity or Impudence. This is because I am fed up with the borkiness that is SimOnAStick.

With SimOnAStick you have to boot up an instance of Mowes, which creates a temporary Apache and SQLLite server, then you boot up the OpenSim executable before finally running your viewer and logging into OpenSim on that. Nice if you just want to demonstrate a single region on a thumb drive without installing it to people's machines, but not so good if you want to have something bigger and more permanent.

Once a stable flavour of Linux is in the wilds for Pine64 I would like to get OpenSim properly installed on it then turn that into an OpenSim Distro so others don't have to mess around to get everything working out of the box.

The thing is, I am competent enough to use Linux but not enough to create a new distro, so I was wondering if anyone else here was up for the challenge to make a "PineSim" Linux Distro that has Open Sim working out of the box.

The dependencies for OpenSimulator (to give it its proper name) include Apache and a database like MySQL (or SQLLite at a pinch), as well as the OpenSim server program.

Anyone up for the challenge just hit me up - I have left my email findable on this board.


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