multiple serial ports
(02-03-2016, 11:02 AM)tllim Wrote:
(02-03-2016, 10:08 AM)peterz Wrote: Hi all,

I'm working on small project where I need several serial ports (RS232) for accessing console port on NW switches/routers.
I have already tried several USB->RS232 converters connected over USB hub to PC and it works. Problem however is it causes huge "web" of cables.
Is there some module which would support lets say 8x RS232 ports?
I found in documentation for GPIO connector some UART pins, so at least 1x RS232 should be possible. But is possible to have them more from 1 PINE?
On forums related to raspberry pi I found some suggestions for FTDI4232 chip which can handle 4x RS232. I however can't built such module on my own. Sad

Is there a plan to build module for serveral RS232?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Hi Peter,

This is what you needs:
and you also can purchase USB to 4 RS-232 module at ebay:

This request not related to Pine A64.

Hi Tllim,

thanks for your answer. I don't feel confident to assemble something on my own and USB->RS232 is something i want to avoid.

On Pine64 Wiki I found that PINE64 supports 6 UARTS
They are spread in PI-2 connector (1x UART), Euler connector (3x UART), Exp connector (1x UART) and wifi/BT connector (1x UART). Details here
I'm thinking to connect VCC, UART_TX, UART_RX and GND to modules like this one .
So theoretically I could control up to 6 serial ports (6 consoles on cisco switches/routers) from 1 PINE64. 
Do you see any issues achieving this?

Best Regards,

(02-03-2016, 12:18 PM)Nilocsemliw Wrote: I'm sorry but i have only used serial ports on small scale projects and robots. What would the use of having 8 serial ports on a single device?

Hi Nilocsemliw,

well, this is for my CISCO lab I have 6 routers and 3 switches. Remote consoles are handy once you screw-up the configuration and can't access switch/router any longer or if you accidentally delete the image (ok, very small chance anyone would do that but anyway) or if NW is down and you troubleshooting the problem. With serial console you can see boot process of the switch and jump to mode where you can change the settings and for example boot from NW (over TFTP for example). Something like when you turn your PC and see POST checks and question to enter to BIOS/UEFI if required.

Yes, I admit for my CISCO lab is this overkill, but there are production environments which can benefit from this. There already are solutions for achieving the goal but cost is somewhere else than the PINE64 with few more components.

I already achieved the goal with my PC and USB->RS232 adapters. Disadvantages are however that PC consumes about 300W vs 2,5W for PINE and there is huge "WEB of cables" (USB HUB, USB->RS232 adapters, console cables).


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