Playbox battery charge
(12-06-2016, 12:26 PM)Jessica Spongekipper Wrote: OK. Sadly I have a similar problem. I have a 8000 mah 2 wire cell, but. I have had the plug in a socket on the bench and I have volts at 1 & 3 and 9.98k ohms between 2 and gnd. I have charge but according to the script taken from these august pages, only 2ma @ v volts. Any clues as to what I may have done wrong ?

At what voltage? Once the battery is fully, the (charge) current will drop to 2ma... i.e. my battery is sat at 4.18v, and is fully charged, with a 2ma charge current (although I doubt it is really 2ma... but is in fact 0ma at that point and the 2ma is just a accuracy error... I haven't bothered measuring the output from the PMIC to see how accurate it is yet). 

Try this script if you're  not getting charge state / current / voltage / capacity readings. Note it needs bc to display the voltage  (sudo apt-get install bc)... one of these days I'll get around to either removing that dependency or adding a check for it...  Wink

You'll be able to load it directly onto the pine64 if it has internet access with the following command:


Don't forget to do a chmod +x afterwards to make it executable!

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