[09/10/2016] [ALPHA] Fedora Images for Pine64
Nice work. I'm playing around with it now.
Things I've noticed:
*) The ethernet interface takes about two minutes after booting to become active/usable. My first order of business was to install 'net-tools' so I could more easily look at network stuff (i.e. ifconfig).
*) I poked around and located some Pine64-related scripts in: /usr/local/sbin. I have successfully used resize_rootfs.sh to be able to access the full size of my SD card.
*) The update scripts (pine64_update_uboot.sh and pine64_update_kernel.sh) both report: Version latest not found.
Edit: Correcting the date/time (with ntpdate) has made the update_kernel script work. I also had to install gpg. I'm now on a newer kernel than was distributed with this image.

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