[09/10/2016] [ALPHA] Fedora Images for Pine64
(10-09-2016, 03:12 AM)Terra854 Wrote: [Image: SZFGBOM.png]


9/10/16 (Fedora 24) (ALPHA RELEASE)

- Initial release
- Kernel based on 3.10.102-3-pine64-longsleep-98
- WARNING: As this is a alpha release, things might not work as expected. Use it at your own risk.


Direct download from the project page

Login details

Username: pine64
Password: pine64linux

Known bugs and Workarounds

Do note that you will not be able to use a desktop environment on Fedora at the moment as once you install it, the screen will freeze out on boot (you can still be able to ssh into the Pine if this happens). I am currently working on a fix for it, but at the moment, please do not install a GUI.

If you can come out with a fix for any problems whether or not they are listed here or if you found new bugs, post them on this thread so that I will be able to patch the image and the entire community will benefit.

Thanks, I will try out.

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