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(10-04-2016, 12:31 AM)S265 Wrote: On my normal day to day desktop, the x-server is using minimal resources. I would like to see this in Ubuntu Mate.
My annoyance goes somewhat the other way. If I am waiting for something to happen, why are the CPUs loafing at less than 100%? I don't buy my computer equipment to have it  sit around, keeping cool, and consume 10% of resources. When I am doing something I need done, I want it to pump iron.

 When I am using my "big" computer, with 8 cores at 4300 Mhz, recoding a video, I want to know why all 8 cores are running at 80% instead of 100% (I run Ubuntu on the big guy too.)

 Even more, on my Pine64, I want the SOB to run 100% flat out to get around to doing what my mouse click says, instead of waiting until I count to 5.

 But after I get used to counting to 5 before assuming my computer has locked up, which is not so bad (it is calming actually), I will be doing normal sorts of things for like 10 to 90 minutes, when the computer quits responding at all. The system monitor suddenly is showing 100% on all CPUs, but I am not doing anything different than I have been doing. If I wait 3 minutes, the computer calms itself, and I can continue. What does the computer suddenly need to do? The system monitor, like everything else, will not respond to inform me. Once it acts up, it does it more and more often.

 As for CPU usage, the big computer does use 10% at idle while viewing with system monitor, which does seem to be xorg doing the work to display the info graphically in system monitor, but I don't think that is out of proportion to the speed of the ARM and the number of cores.

 I believe the percent CPU usage is not adjusted for speed. But the ARM is doing less at 100% at 400 MHz, than it is at 100% at 1162 MHz. The x86 CPU likewise is doing less at 100% at 1400 Mhz than it is at 100% at 4300 Mhz. CPUs today normally switch into different modes based on activity. 30% usage at 400 MHz translates into roughly 10% usage at 1162 MHz.

 It is mentioned elsewhere that hardware acceleration is working, and has been working for a long time. This is not the same thing as Mali. It is because GPUs can provide hardware acceleration in x86 PC computers that there is a confusion between this and Mali. I can't say I follow what each does or does not do. Windows however do redraw quickly, so I'm not sure what is bogging down the Pine64.

 For videos, it does seem that is hard or not possible, depending on the video player, to get videos to play well. Longsleep has a script that does better than anything I can get by manually changing any player's settings.

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