Pine 64+ 2Gb Review after 4 months 24/7
(09-23-2016, 12:31 PM)By-Jokese Wrote:
For being the first model of the company, I would say from my personal experience that, the Pine 64 is solid. Great price, for great performance. It has given me all I asked and never failed to do a task. It’s community is still growing and expanding, so don’t expect to find information as easy as you would do for a raspberry pi.

Couldn't have said it better myself. For it's price point... I don't think you could really justify complaining about the pine64 (not that this should stop anyone! You only make progress if someone ain't happy with the current state of affairs!). Big Grin

Yes, it has rough, edges, but it is getting better day by day! And if your needs are simple / relatively mainstream, it is more than up to the task, and will just work. It is shaping up to be a capable alternative to my Cubietruck NAS should it go the way of the dodo, or might become the heart of a IoT database server/web host project... it has the processing power, memory and GPIOs to be a very flexible development board, or media server.

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