Don't vi on me and tell me it's raining! Where's pico?
(09-20-2016, 11:13 PM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote: ... pico editor ( on PineA64 gnu+linux , which is debian based, including armbian ) is nano. I'll let tkaiser speak for armbian

Armbian is not a distro but a build system supporting 2 Debian and 2 Ubuntu distros. Package vim is contained in the 'non-essential packages' list and nano in the 'release specific packages' for both Ubuntu variants since it's missing there for whatever reasons. For our users it should make no difference whether they're currently running a Debian or an Ubuntu variant so both editors are always installed (and the usual nano --> pico link is created).

That nano/pico are included in Debian images is because there it's part of the minimal install and that it's missing in 'official' Ubuntu Xenial images here is just result of no one thought about and added it to the list of packages (longsleep's original Xenial image is as minimal as it can be, Pine64 folks just fiddled around to add a desktop environment for their 'official' Ubuntu image). There's no need to defend that the package is missing it's just no one took care of. 

That's all (and that's the reason why I contribute to Armbian, since I hate surprises like those, I want to have the same environment on every SBC I deal with regardless whether Debian or Ubuntu is running. According to our users those two editors are what the majority needs, at least no one complained so far that any other package listed by aptitude search '~Peditor' would be missing in a default install)

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