Solution to awkward playbox cabling
So after waiting something like 6 months for the playbox enclosure to arrive, I am extremely disappointed.  Has anyone found a good solution to using this while plugged into power, ethernet, and hdmi? As it is now, this thing has to lay flat on its back to be used, thanks to power, etc, coming from the bottom of the enclosure. Who wants to hover overtop of the device to use it?! Not to mention no Linux support for the 7" touchscreen (NEVER MENTIONED WHEN BACKING THIS), which is the reason why I backed the Pine in the first place... I would have just bought an Android tablet if thats what I really wanted. I guess I could build a ghetto stand for it... it just seems not very well thought out that I need to now make some sort of stand just to use it while plugged in.  Thoughts?

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Solution to awkward playbox cabling - by Visionrx7 - 09-12-2016, 11:20 PM

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