performance of the pine64+ 2GB on android LCD ver
Hey guys. Finally assembled my playbox and downloaded the LCD android distro to play with.

This was 2 days ago. Had lots of dramas trying to get it to work with known working SD cards that work no worries on Debian or Ubuntu. Finally got it to work. Not sure why but it just started working.

So today I decide that I might try a 3dmark bench test...

It took 45 mins for it to boot up. It was alternating between freezing on optimizing apps, boot looping or booting to blank screen with lines.

Now its running its forgotten any system settings. Great... I finally reconnected to WiFi and downloaded 3dmark.

Apart from the whole thing being slow I can't see any reasons why I can't get an OK score.

Running the opengles 2.0 test here are my results.
[Image: 8ded1e74e3022bde63df4c4ee9e1b68d.jpg]
[Image: 29881ef8ba32a5f4004ce850e2aa6359.jpg]
[Image: b97e3404cb64cff2de3f1bc04271c689.jpg]

Pretty poor.

This result is from my mobile. The huawei g8. Same test.
[Image: a9582c293c77830bb135fd278ce57cb2.jpg]

Anyhow I'm really not impressed by this board. Even when I tried kodi on the normal version, it struggled to play even a 1gig movie file along the network.

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