DMG/Classic Gameboy Enclosure!? n_n'
(01-29-2016, 11:39 PM)Gearsoul Wrote: His horror has given me pause about ripping my original device open 'xD

I really like the idea of additional buttons... Will I be able to place them anywhere on the case and wire them to the appropriate places? I wanna sketch out some designs to find something unique for Pinekid(I like how it sounds a bit like pine cone Tongue) but still usable and visually appealing. They sell all the buttons so wedging in a bunch of start/select buttons would probably be convenient for short cuts and maybe A/B buttons for things like L/R.

Haaah, I am so jealous of the pounds' conversion rate 'xD Tongue Do you just cruise around the internet laughing at all the prices? 'XD If you *do* go that route I'd love to take you up on that! Big Grin

I have no such qualms about tearing a Gameboy to pieces Big Grin

Theoretically yeah, you can place additional buttons (or toggles or triggers or levers or whatever) wherever you like. Wiring the buttons up and getting the Pine to actually recognise them as inputs is going to be one of the trickier parts of the project. I know that PiGrrl 2 has a special little pcb board that takes all the hassle out of this, would be good to get a similar 'input board' for the Pine.

As a Brit, I still find it amazing that we are allowed to remain as part of the European Union whilst totally rejecting the currency of that union. It's like picking and choosing the parts you want. It smacks of entitlement and aloofness...but yeah, it makes stuff fairly cheap to buy, most of the time. Though Americans seem to get the best value. A game system that costs $300 in the US will likely cost £300 where's the fair about that?

With the need for all these different bits and pieces, let's hope the Pinekid doesn't end up costing that much (either in pounds or dollars)...  Wink

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