updated view is smaller (tiny)
(08-17-2016, 01:22 PM)Punkyclown Wrote:
(08-17-2016, 12:39 PM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote: Its now taking advantage of the full resolution supported by your monitor (TV).  Have you tried adjusting your TV video settings?

... why should I have to goof around with my TV when the other displays
are correct?  I thought Android was supposed to be so flexible with icon size and all aspects of display?

Where did you get a thought like that?

... the Android operating system was designed for phones;  and tablets.  It was NEVER designed for hdmi TV. I am running my Android play desk to a Samsung LED desk monitor (it was never designed for that either) and its working... but I have to physically rotate my monitor on a special wooden display stand I made for it to run in portrait mode !!! something a monitor was not designed to do, and certainly not something the Android designers nor authors ever considered that I would do....   Smile
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