Trouble setting up psensor (or any other)
(08-15-2016, 08:43 PM)Mpoint Wrote: I just got started on my Pine64 512MB,I first download the ubuntu image from here After I burn the image to the microSD card I was able to boot Ubuntu image, but I ran into ERROR
It says Sensor Register check error at immut num = 1
And it just STOP Scrolling after that !!
Does the Pine64 ubuntu 16.04 image work on 512MB Ram ?

Hi Mpoint. Welcome to this growing community.

512Mb? I don't see why not. It should in my opinion.

To get you started:
  1. have you checked your md5 checksum on the file you downloaded before Burning to SD? It may have been corrupt.
  2. if ok, can you reburn the image and retry? maybe there was a problem.
  3. Depending on the download you used, did you unzip it before using gnome-disks (or the like) to burn? If you used the compressed image directly (as I often do), try decompressing it first.
As I am not an admin myself and can't interact with the threads: May I suggest you open up your own thread in the Linux -> Ubuntu forums? They will help you with setup. This current forums is just for overclocking and heat dissipation.

Have a great day.
Best regards.

Marc "Duke Justice" Arbour
See my Pine64+ 2GB Poor Man's Heatsink Setup

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