Request: Gpio Access from Android
i was looking in the android image but seems that the gpio pins are not avaliable in the
/sys/class/gpio  directory
the directory does not even exist

so please any way that we can make this think work on android:>??

of course there is no a single tablet with GPIO
of course its a TABLET
not a Development BOARD!!

then why have android working on the board that have more thant 50+ gpio but u cant acceso from the OS u want  to run on >??

so i think that we need some examples to control them from android Smile
with working pwm, spi, i2c, interrupts etc...

other wise its like y get this board if u need other board to do the things u want to do with it in the first place and the board itself have the gpio u need ????

thanks! :Big Grin
By. Zoidiano0!
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