[Star64] Help needed in understanding Yocto and U-boot build process
Hi everybody,

I'm new to building Linux and related components for embedded systems. I found the work that @Fishwaldo has done with `meta-pine64`, however I'm having trouble visualising the entire process. I'd like an ELI5 for a few topics so I can try building my own images.

My questions are (as of now):

1. How did you figure out the U-boot partitions required? The U-boot documentation (https://docs.u-boot.org/en/latest/board/...l#flashing) uses 4KiB for the SPL and 8KiB for U-boot + OpenSBI. However, the JH7110 user-guide (https://doc-en.rvspace.org/VisionFive2/D...oot_UG.pdf) doesn't seem to mention this (or does it? Not sure if I missed something important). How did you know?

2. If I understand correctly, Fishwaldo patched the Linux Kernel tree in a new branch with the OEM drivers from StarFive? Then, he created the layer on top of Poky and the other base layers from Openembedded? Why is it that he is forced to use the Linux 5.1xx kernel instead of the new 6.1xx kernel? Did StarFive mention this limitation somewhere that I missed it?

Thanks for reading through! I really appreciate the help - I would like to be part of the effort to take RISC-V forward, and I want to be able to build my own images for the Star64 alongside the SOEdge module as a replacement for Coral.ai's TPUs.


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