HDMI or VGA From Pinebook Pro via Pinebook Pro Docking Deck?
(04-09-2024, 04:33 AM)maxjrh Wrote: 1) USB C isn't symmetrical by design. The host is able to detect an upside-down connection and rewire it in software. For the pbp, this is not implemented in upstream linux.

That has got to be one of the most asinine "design" decisions they could've made, if it's not symmetrical in reality, a "symmetrical" port achieves nothing but user confusion. The state of user-hostile hardware design today I swear.

I'll give the kernel links you provided a go, hopefully between all of that I can get something going, because again I can't express how frustrating it is that I'm on the vendor-supplied Linux install with the vendor-produced docking station and it doesn't smoothly integrate. It's not the 60's where you get the vendor technician out to finish the wiring they didn't do at the factory...but you've at least given me hope that I might be able to use this ubiquitous functionality finally.

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