Ubuntu images w Desktop + Utilities.
(07-30-2016, 03:44 PM)DonFL Wrote:
(07-30-2016, 02:24 PM)DonFL Wrote: http://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Main_Pa..._by_Pine64

This one has the mate desktop. I went with it after struggling with the non-desktop image. For whatever reason, I just could not get the mate download installed and working. I'm not a linux power-user by any means, so it may be lacking other features you want.

I installed the ubuntu image out of curiousity, to compare with Debian-Mate. At this point, Debian-Mate remains my go-to linux environment.

As far as I know, its the the only one I know of with desktop as part of the image. I absolutely see your point, hopefully others more knowledgeable on the development side can point you towards a workable solution. I would assume TLLim can provide insight as to any update plans for that specific wiki image.

The Debian image maintained by Lenny, owner of pine64.pro, and he post more Debian images than Pine64 wiki page.

I just check and his site now already function properly.

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