Hello All! New user - 2 basic Quartz64 questions
Hi to everyone on this forum!

I found PINE64 searching the internet of some better alternative to the RPI and I think I found what I need: the Quartz64 Model-B. I've searched this forum, the website, the blog and I'm still looking for - hopefully - simple answers to these questions:
  • I could not find any mention of the 8GB version of Quartz64 Model-B regarding availability. Did I miss something?
  • Is there a summary of what is currently not working / still needs work regarding hardware support? I found a lot of old (2021) information.

Thanks for any help and my apologies if I missed the answers when doing my own searches.


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Hello All! New user - 2 basic Quartz64 questions - by oldschool - 12-12-2023, 05:41 PM

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