The Mobian Phosh Experience
I have been using the Mobian Phosh partition for a while now. I count three reinstallations of it. But it has not faltered since the spring.

The latest news is that I installed the pinephonepro_support and pinephone_tweaks packages instead of the pinephonepro_tweaks package. The audio playback is not chancy now.

The installation gladly accepts a Bluetooth mouse, so a screen magnification of 100% is usable instead of 200%.

I was able to fix the missing keyboard symbols for the Linux consoles, but not for the Wayland windows.

The Web app still has a memory leak. My modified Megapixels  works, but it has lost its auto exposure capability. And the rear camera does not recover from suspension. The Camera app  works, as does the Voice Recorder.The Mpv app plays even vob video files when they are opened in the Files app.

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