ADB support on Pinephone

I have been trying to get adb to work on my Pinephone. The current UBPorts build ships adbd:

My understanding is, that "Developer mode" and switching to/back from it is taken care od by usb-moded:

This requires configuration, as documented in

My current problem is to find these configuration values for the PinePhone(s). Ideally for all editions.
I have tried looking through the forums, this is what I found:

This thread seems to end with "you shouldn't want adb anyway", but that doesn't really answer my problem: I do want to enable adb, and I think I should be able to.

I thought I might be able to pull this configuration from an AOSP image, since it seemed like the PinePhone Pro came with one pre-installed.
I have looked for it in this thread: but as mentioned in the last message, the links are now dead.

I have also looked for it in both

Neither page seems to have it. pine64-pinephone-plamo-beta-factorytest.img.xz is a postmarketOS image

So my questions are:
- Where can I look for these configuration values?
- Does anyone have an AOSP image for any of the PinePhones?

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