Current state of Linux/most "complete" Version
I'm sorry, but I haven't found an easily retrievable answer to this question:
"What is the most feature-complete Linux Distro for the Pine64?"

Since my two Pines came w/o the SD cards and the WiFi/BT modules - possibly due to the atrocious packaging that was torn to shreds by the various carriers involved - I am currently limited to wired eth but other than that, I would like to get a Linux distro that is at least HW complete, i.e. supports all the Pine64 hardware.

I've seen a plethora of different versions from Slackware to openSuSE being available, but upon reading the release notes it seems that there is not a single HW complete release, or is there? Since I know Ubuntu, Slackware, Debian and even openSuSE, I don't mind, what Distro, but I would like to have accelerated 2D/3D on a working GUI and all the network and bluetooth functionality. (should I get a WiFi/BT module)

My aim is to set up a media center like environment that also doubles up as the livingroom PC (simple office, browsing and youtube)
Should there be a MAME support, I would gladly take that, too....

As far as I see it, openSuSE is Terminal only - no GUI. Ubuntu is Bluetooth broken and there are too many Debians to d/l and install them all...

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Current state of Linux/most "complete" Version - by Corkonian - 07-26-2016, 05:00 AM

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