Can't get ring on Manjaro Pine Phone
(06-06-2023, 10:12 AM)mark1250 Wrote: You could install pulse audio volume control pavucontrol. This will allow you to check the profile in use and test the speakers...

Thank you. I'll do that.


(06-06-2023, 11:19 AM)alaraajavamma Wrote: Are you with regular PP (not Pro?) ?
Are  you with Manjaro Phosh stable?

(There was some sound issues in Manjaro Phosh dev but new upgrade should fix them)

If you are on stable please double check that you have not toggled profile to silent/quiet from quick settings.
Also double check that you have volume on.

I have a regular Pine Phone and I am with Manjaro Phosh stable. I was wondering about the upgrade which we had recently. I have doubled checked that I am NOT on silent / quiet and I have the volume on.


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