When does Pinebook Pro power LED go on?
I inherited a broken pinebook pro with this backstory:

I fired up my Pinebook Pro after having it on the shelf for 2 years. It won’t boot (infinite load graphic), so I tried to reinstall Manjaro Linux on it.  The microsd was very janky.  I opened it up to toggle the emmc switch so it would boot and now it won’t turn on.

The manual has an entry on this troubleshooting, and mentions pressing RESET which did not help.

There is nothing when power on. All LEDs are off, except the charge port LED.

What I tried:

* reset button
* re-enabling eMMC: device turns on, but stuck in infinite boot spinner. Alt-F2 shows empty text screen.
* disconnecting battery, using bypass cable.
* measured barrelplug voltage at 5.4V

Which takes me to my question:

Is the power LED supposed to light up when the device is switched on, with eMMC disabled? Or does the software on the SD card actually have to do this? So far, I tried to turn it on with no SD card seated.

Ok, this should be in the manual:

The LED is not a power LED, it is a status LED set by either bootloader or OS.

If there is no SD card present, and no eMMC, then powering on the device will show nothing.

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