Is my pinephone pro worth resurrecting?
(02-27-2023, 09:33 AM)tckosvic Wrote: In the beginning of ppp sales, I was very active in trying to get phone going to make it usable (over 125 threads).  I worked diligently on the issues of memory, battery life, sms, mms, OS/desktop software etc. In the course of this my phone got borked due to sim/sd card holder wearing out due to excessive uses.  Wouldn't even make calls any more due to sim card not connecting.  Also, I never received the replacement card holder that I applied for and pinephone promised. I put phone away for 6 months into the "about to be discarded pile".

I noticed recently that there is available a replacement motherboard that says it has a new card holder.  I am seeking advice on whether to try the new MB or just permanently disengage from the pinephone pro effort.  My old plain pinephone at least makes calls and I use that occasionally and runs for a good while.

Assuming that, if I install a new motherboard, the phone will work, where is the system performance at now? Is this the same MB that was originally installed or have some changes been made?  If MB changes were made, what is best OS/desktop software anyone has had success with?

If no changes were made and phone is back to original, am I back to all the problems that people were banging their heads against before or is there now a workable combination of OS and desktop that works well enough so that phone is usable.  If so what are the suggestions as to "current best" software combination?

I was so hoping to get a linux phone working but I am nearly burned out on this effort.

tom kosvic

Don't know.  I really like it though.  We seem to be losing support. for everything.

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