SMS recieving broken? :(
Hi all,

I just noticed that I can no longer recieve SMS - I've already cleared messages via commandline (mmcli) and rebooted and then sent a new simple test message from another device (SMS, not MMS)... nothing. Sad

Is SMS still working for others here on Mobian (latest updates installed here)...? Huh

Thanks & Best Regards,
Using encrypted Mobian (bookworm) on pmOS CE Convergence PinePhone (3GB/32GB) as Daily Driver, and Beta Edition Convergence PinePhone (3GB/32GB) with encrypted Mobian (bookworm) as Backup device.

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SMS recieving broken? :( - by dante404 - 02-24-2023, 08:37 AM
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RE: SMS recieving broken? :( - by dante404 - 02-28-2023, 03:47 AM

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