Broke Screen and fix it - Up Swipe not working.
(02-11-2023, 11:47 PM)RTP Wrote: As in you mean only touchscreen is not working after screen replacement?

Take it apart, look for damage and reseat / reattach ribbon cables once again.

No touchscreen... Re-did as you recommended.  Nothing is working as far as touchscreen is concerned.  Re-flashed to latest Plasma Mobile image, still nothing.   Will try w. Phosh image but not expecting much.  Maybe the drop broke something HW wise?

**----> Didn't work!!! Going to take it apart again. I Ordered a new ribbon cable (hoping!)... If that doesn't work then probably HW issue.

**Note - If anyone knows anything about touchscreen diagnostics...feel free to chime in.

**> Still awaiting parts to arrive.

&&& - > Part came in...still no luck! Does anyone know anything about touchscreen diagnostics!! Next step is to send the screen back.

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