Firefox issue with latest update
Unfortunately, according to Manjaro ARM, it does not. The latest testing update includes Firefox 109, and this is still in the known issues. They do not expect it to be fixed upstream, neither in Firefox nor in mobile-config-firefox (which comes from PostMarketOS):
Quote:Touch input on Firefox with Phosh not working in Firefox 108
Since the update to Firefox 108, the touch input does not work. Seems to be an issue with a couple of the changes the mobile-config brings in. PostMarketOS likely won’t fix this in their source, so we might need to carry a patch for this.

So Manjaro ARM expects to have to fix this themselves, and so far that has not happened yet.

You can either try to tweak the mobile-config-firefox CSS file yourself with the workarounds from, or downgrade Firefox to 107, or try another browser (e.g., Angelfish).

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