Double charges of credit card

I found out today that my creditcard has been charged twice for my pledge. That made me more than a bit angry Angry , because it came on top of having to wait months longer than expected AND having to pay an additional customs charge of about 1/3rd of the pledge amount (another $34).

First time was when I submitted the pledge in january for the full amount by ($104)
Second time was when I received my shipping notice and tracking number. That time it was charged by backerkit for only the items that were sent (all but the Zwave module) ($70).

AFAIK, I only gave Kickstarter the GO for charging my card, so how can it happen that Backerkit can charge my card again and for no reason?

Can any of you confirm this has happened before?
Any luck getting that money back?


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Double charges of credit card - by EvanBeem - 07-17-2016, 06:13 AM
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