HOW TO create a installation USB with ... (see below)
Hi there!

My PineBook Pro (PBP) does not work anymore after a SW misinstallation (I have used 'pip' to install SW. After the installation, just trouble...).
Now I wanna to install (from the scratch):
1. Manjaro-ARM-minimal (Manjaro-ARM-minimal-generic-22.10.img.xz)
2. Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma (Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-generic-22.10.img.xz).

But... I do have NO IDEA how to create an installation USB (in my case, probably, a bootable microSD) and how to proceed to install the new OS on the PBP. 

I do need "expert" help... Please make me happy.

Ta-ta, IOS

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HOW TO create a installation USB with ... (see below) - by Ice-O-Star - 12-14-2022, 01:07 PM

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