Big bluetooth problems
Hi Pinebook Pros,

Really old nerd here who's programed in PL-1, Fortran, Pascal, C, and a plethora of other languages. My at-home computers have been Amiga, NeXT, and then anything that would host a Linux OS. I was probably in on of the first 100k users of Linux. I don't do Windoz or Applez.

I found the Pinebook Pro and was able to finally get one about November 2019.  It's been great for these 3 years!  I was able to use the Manjaro Linux and it's been fine, however, I'm more of a gnome or mate guy. Now I have been trying to upgrade for the future.  Many problems!

Let me just say I am a not touch-pad friendly old guy.  That's why I found the thinnest rechargeable bluetooth mouse I could and it was so great I have 2 of them now.  Now for my problem.

First I tried Armbian 22.11 xfce and then gnome. The xfce looked nice. I got networking and ssh'ing working right away. Then I tried the bluetooth.  Everything about bluetooth crashed and burned.  Let's just say I burned and re-burned the microSD with both versions many times to try to configure every way possible.  Translates to "MANY HOURS!"

Next I tried Manjaro 22.10 Mate.  I don't think they had this Mate version 3 years ago. OMG, it installed wonderfully and looks beautiful to me.  Now for the test of bluetooth.  WOW, it works!  I got my, thinest I could find, bluetooth speaker to work right away.  Now for the big problem. No matter what I do, it doesn't see my mouse.  I've re-burned, re-loaded, and re-configured every way I can think of with no luck.

Where do I go from here?

My toy
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