Pine Phone Pro audio on phone calls: discussion, support and tips
(07-19-2023, 02:02 PM)alaraajavamma Wrote: I suggest that you try postmarketos Phosh stable or Arch Phosh.
Postmarketos is the only distro which has correct mic values by default so maybe go with that.
You will still face this issue with every distro:

I haven't gotten Mobian to work reliably at all (as in phone).
People report it stable but I am not sure are they using it more as pocket computer than phone.

Un-Googled Androids exist. I have a Volla 22 with the Volla operating system. My motivation for PinePhone (or PP Pro — in the meanwhile I went back to my old PP not Pro) is to have Posix disks so that I can rsync files preserving timestamps. That way, I have in my pocket a phone and an external hard disk in a single object. With Android and MTP, files would appear as new each time. (The Android kernel has no modules that allow anything better, no ext4 nor f2fs.)
Mobian Phosh offers me Ethernet through the USB cable (said Linux Foundation Multifunction Gadget). It allow to SSH to the PinePhone and also to access in a file manager as, say, sftp://mobian@
My question is: do other OS offer connections to a computer as satisfactory as Mobian Phosh (while allowing to phone also)?

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