Not connecting to cellular network
I finally got my Pinephone working!! It did turn out to be an issue with the APN settings.

Running the following command got me a working phone: voice, cellular data, sent and received messages and SMS/MMS all tested to work.

mmcli -m 0 --3gpp-set-initial-eps-bearer-settings="apn=RESELLER,ip-type=ipv4"

As soon as I entered that command 4G showed up by the cell signal icon. Under modem status: carrier now shows AT&T, network type is lte, network status is registered.

This drove me crazy, glad I finally figured it out hope this helps someone else.

This is on Manjaro  6.0.3-1, which IIRC I used this OS to have working AT modem commands. I assume I could have gotten other OS(s) to work the same way. Gonna try out Manjaro for the time being.

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