Utter disappointment makes Pine64 Useless as Media player
(07-22-2016, 03:26 PM)pinea64.edison Wrote:
(07-22-2016, 03:09 AM)CaptainZalo Wrote: If you'd like to sell your pine board, put a message up so someone else can enjoy it for what it is for the time being - An early adoption tinkering-platform.
It's working great as a lightweight linux desktop for me, and I wouldn't mind another one for other projects.
Yes, certainly I would like to sell my Pine64 2 GB board. I am also planning to sell power supply, wifi module, acrylic case and an Air mouse... If anyone interested please let me know.

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(07-22-2016, 03:01 AM)fneves Wrote: Don't waste your time with Pine64, I have my board for monts now.. and there was like 2 or 3 releases of android, ethernet issues for months, nobody cares, they don't have a development team, most of the fixes and workarounds were discovered and done by the community.

For the guys that said it's working fine, you don't use features like sound passthrough, etc. Android is also not stable, apps crash a lot, etc.

But, lesson learned, never buy AllLoser again. I've bought a nVidia Shield TV on Prime Day for 99 GBP, couldn't be happier.
I got Fire TV due to lack of CEC and I am really happy with it

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So just an Update, They are shipping my missing parts... Another 2 months wait for something I originally ordered.

And it seems I'm not the only person struggling with this terrible "Product"!

I have RemixOS running, Kodi crashes constantly, the board goes into endless reboots (Yes I'm using a bigger than 2amp power source).

I thought, well maybe I will try use it to replace my HTPC that sits next to my PC, that PC runs on WiFi, at 300mbs, but my Pine with the included WiFi module from Pine is running at a whopping 1mbs!! Signal is unusable! but wait, let me try use it over Ethernet, Oh wait, Ethernet doesn't work either! So I tried my WiFi Dongle that I used on my Raspberry, oh wait, thats not supported by RemixOS, just does not show up anywhere.

I really cant believe I have wasted my money on this. As per my original post, I'm dumping these boards and moving over to Odroid.

I even thought I would try use it as a USB webcam CCTV device, after struggling for days I cannot figure out how to get the USB Webcam to list, but again with the Raspberry, plug and play with 3 different webcams!!

Pine64, you guys really need to learn a few lessons from the rest of the products out there... currently there is NO support, NO development (Besides the community) and the Product was advertised as many different things of which I'm yet to get 1 to work.

Go look at YouTube reviews and come back here and show me a single one that is positive about the Pine64!

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