Utter disappointment makes Pine64 Useless as Media player
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I Order a few extra items with my two Pine64 boards and waiting ages for delivery like everyone else...

When the order arrived, it was missing two Items that I ordered and contained extra items i did not order.
I have contacted support twice with no success. Not even a reply to say we are looking at this.

To be honest, this is rather pathetic. Why do I need to moan about something before anyone takes action.
First Mail was sent 14 June (A month ago), Second mail was sent 29th June (2 weeks ago) and I have still have no feedback what so ever!

Please refund me my money for the missing items and I will buy them else where.

So Far the Pine64 has been a huge disappointment for me. I order the Air Remote and HDMI to use the Pine as a Media player, only for them not to arrive so I cant use it as a Media Player. Then I find out that Kodi is not supporting the Pine64 either, but during the Kickstarter Campaign, this was one of the features... And sold as a Media player. (also not supporting HDMI CEC which is needed for a media player)

Im writing these boards off as a loss... they will become some low power linux playgrounds... Will be replacing them with Odroid boards rather which are same price and have full support from the developers and community and actually work as they describe they should.

Im hoping things change in the future, but for now these boards are going in the cupboard and I will be focusing my attention on the Odriod boards rather.

PS: I tried to upload the photo I sent to support of the missing items, but this forum not allwoing me to upload the image.

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Utter disappointment makes Pine64 Useless as Media player - by papsnoek - 07-15-2016, 01:05 AM

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