Extremely satisfied with my PinePhone
I have been using my PinePhone for several years now, having come from Android, and I wanted to simply thank the team for their hard work.

A) Thank you for not gluing this phone together. I am clumsy and have had to replace the LCD several times now.
B) Thank you for the availability of spare parts and the prompt shipping of the ones I have ordered in the past.
C) Thank you for the affordable price point. I'm not rich.

This device finally gives me a decent PDA again, after the iRevolution killed that market. I've been living with this device for years now and I cannot imagine going back to a proprietary ecosystem.

I was reluctant to post this, as it may be considered spam, but I see threads saying to avoid the company and I just wanted to report that not all of us are unhappy.

Put simply, this device rocks. I'm beyond pleased with it.

Thank you, Pine64 team.

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Extremely satisfied with my PinePhone - by Rob_F - 10-20-2022, 03:08 PM

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