RockPro64 and Neon
(10-21-2022, 03:34 AM)CounterPillow Wrote: Yes, in armv8 nomenclature this is "asimd" in /proc/cpuinfo for advanced simd extensions. Your compilers will automatically pick it up, as far as I know, as it's a base feature of Armv8.0-A I believe.

Okay, I think I know what is going on then. I've been working with the optimized poly1305 MAC code from floodyberry ( and the problem seems to be that it just is too old to properly support armv8. Specifically in that the assembly was only written for 32bit processors. I was getting turned around buy an error message that, for some reason, made me think that it was a problem with the neon code and not the armv6 assembly. 


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