UI crashes after unplugging USB device, seen on multiple OSes; is my hardware broken?
Just got my PinePhone (original) in the mail this week, there's so much I love about it but this one has me really scratching my head. If I plug in the Convergence dock with a USB keyboard, and then unplug it, and then lock the phone, when I go to unlock it it'll print some message about loginctl and needing to press Ctrl+Alt (the font size is very large so most of the text is not legible).

This is very consistent with the convergence dock+usb keyboard. Unplug keyboard, lock phone, then try to unlock it and it'll crash.

I was suspicious that this was some software issue with the default Manjaro Linux image so I booted up the postmarketOS Plasma Mobile live image and...the exact same thing happens!

What is especially weird is that sometimes this will even happen when I unplug a regular USB charging cable (not the dock). It is not 100% of the time like it is with the dock. Maybe 1 in 5 times.

Is it possible that something is up with my USB port, or has anyone experienced this issue with Plasma Mobile before?

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UI crashes after unplugging USB device, seen on multiple OSes; is my hardware broken? - by slondr - 09-08-2022, 06:37 PM

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