LCD - sold out
(12-25-2017, 12:09 PM)ricoli Wrote:
(12-12-2017, 09:06 AM)desai_amogh Wrote:
(10-11-2017, 12:38 PM)tllim Wrote:
(10-09-2017, 06:23 AM)karlitos Wrote: The LCD seems to be out of stock again. Is there an estimation when the LCD will be available again ?
We have asked vendor to manufacture the LCD panel and will be available in a month time.

This is really not a good practice.  I see that that there are plenty LCD matrix compatible with pine64, but the digitizer TPs have a different pinout so wont match the TP port on Pine64.  It would have been easier if you used the usually available stuff on aliexpress n such sites in china or atleast point us to something which we can just buy off the shelf rather than waiting for your manufacturer.

Agree with desai_amogh and would like to add: Pine64 is one of very view boards with MIPI DSI FPC interface. This is really an advantage. And there are quite nice and reasonably priced smartphone "replacement" LCDs on aliexpress with (2- or 4-lane) DSI interface (Searchterm on aliexpress: lcd replacement). It could be a real push for Pine64 to offer some FPC to FPC adapters supporting some of those. It looks like display industry and dealers only supply smartphone replacement displays with latest technology (AMOLED, good viewing angle, high contrast .. ). Displays for maker-boards are too low volume for display industry and often are highly priced and made out of aged technology.

We have posted the LCD panel and also touch panel specification at PINE64 wiki page, and not preventing other vendors who has interest to make LCD panel that compatible with PINE A64 board. Here is one example:

However, we have no resource and interest to spend time to purchase different type of LCD panel in market and create compatible list which dramatically increase supprt team workload which currently already over burden.

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