Need a working image for Quartz64B
(01-23-2023, 09:02 PM)tllim Wrote: 1500000 8N1

It looks like my UART instance is not working. I checked all possible combinations of speed parameters, different modules and USB-UART wires (which work fine on all other RK35xx devices, including Quartz64A, SOQuartz). I use contacts to connect 6-8-10. Swapped the RX\TX, tried different GRN connection points on the board itself. But I do not receive absolutely any data to the console, i.e. not a single byte is received (absolute silence, there is not a single "strange" character, as happens when the data transfer rate is not correct) either from the u-boot stage or from the kernel. But there is good news, I picked up a power supply with which the system stably starts and works. Surprisingly, the ancient power supply from the old TV box with 5V\ 1.5A worked. With it, the device began to work without cyclic reboots. It is difficult to debug the bootloader and kernel without the UART console, but I managed to get Armbian running using EDK2-EFI and u-boot in extlinux.conf mode.

Question. what is in the SPI from the factory, is there some kind of loader there (without the UART console I can't check it)?
Where can I find information about the purpose of jumpers next to the Power and reset buttons ?
The purpose of the switch next to the USB ports ?

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