Keyboard not working PPP is support broken atm?
(08-11-2022, 03:44 AM)joshndroid Wrote: Hey all, 
Just received my keyboard.
It looks awesome. 
I plugged it in and nothing on my manjaro install with plasma
I though maybe manjaro was not supported like pmOS so flashed across to that with plasma and nothing. 
I checked the docs and the guides which ellude to it being an auto thing. 
I can see the battery charging indicator in pmOS and if I push any harder on the pogo pin area I am going to break my screen. 

I was reading some of the forums and reddit and with latest kernel there was issues? Is this an order 'latest' and we should be good to go?
I checked about the firmware ie kernel or users pace but based on the docs saying that it should already be supported and just automatically I came here in case I am doing something wrong. 

Cheers all.

I had a similar issue which resolved on its own.
Perhaps a similar issue for when the pinephone pro battery is completely discharged and the peripheral will take a very long time to initialize properly?

For while mine would also charge my phone with no input and upon an eventual reboot of my OS would register inputs into my phone.

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