Who is the target audience of the PineNote
I had thought that I might be part of the target audience of the Pine Note because I own a Remarkable writing tablet, one which I get much daily use from, but at the same time I am frustrated with because I cannot modify its software AND because every once in a while Remarkable will, without asking, automatically upgrade its software and change how it works.

I find the Remarkable tablet useful because I can use it in sunlight, because it is easy on the eyes, because it has a long battery life, because it is set up to read and annotate pdf's and epubs, because it is lightweight, compact, and portable. It gets considerable use.

However, if Remarkable should decide to impliment DRM on my tablet I would be stuck with DRM on my writing tablet. In the past as they improved the software I lost the ability to reliably load EPUB and pdf files to the tablet through a usb cable. Instead the files were to be added to the tablet through the net using a system called Connect. I have declined to use Connect because in order to use it I need to sign an agreement that I will not use it to upload illegal files to the tablet. The alternative is to use a webpage that does not question the legality of my files but limits the size of the files that can be uploaded to 100M. Why should I need to transfer files from a computer to the tablet through the net? (As I am far from rich and I spend much of my time in research I cannot afford to purchase the all the files that I need to peruse and study, sometimes only for a brief look at a file to see if it might be useful). I can easily split files larger than 100M and upload the parts to the Remarkable, but I cannot reassemble them on the Remarkable because the linux system on the tablet is locked down. No command line. No way to add software. And in many ways the Remarkable's user interface is slow, restricted, and awkward, and I cannot change that. I impatiently wait for the Pine Note to become available again.

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