emmc formatted by mistake (it no longer appears)
During a Mobian installation test, I mistakenly formatted the EMMC with gparted.
Now with jumpdrive the emmc no longer appears.
With tow-boot, communication with my PC no longer works (the light turns blue when I press the level up button, but then the light flashes and the pinephone turns off.

On the other hand, if I flash a mobian image on the sd-card, I can still boot on it… but no more emmc :/

In a terminal, I ran the lsblk command and I get this:
179:256        0   29G   0   disk
179:512        0   4M    1   disk
179:768        0   4M    1   disk

How can I retrieve the emmc?
Can anyone help me ? I'm not a computer scientist.

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emmc formatted by mistake (it no longer appears) - by elode - 07-11-2022, 05:55 AM

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