PinePhone sound issues
(07-05-2022, 06:30 PM)mikehenson Wrote: I have seen sound issues with calls a lot. I have learned to always check the audio level when I get or make a call.

During a call, press the volume up button.

1) I have seen the output volume at zero. (volume up fixes this one)

2) I have seen the audio device set to "dummy output" (restarting the phone fixes this one)

Device: PinePhone 32G (Not Pro)
OS: Rolling Arch with Phosh

The pro also has the same issue.
What I have noticed similar to your description is that after a successful call when I check sound settings the 'mic' indicator is frozen. No input sound. To fix that just hit the lock screen in the banner and then log in again. A reboot may not be required. I have also got the 'dummy output' which indicates to me a type of crash. The one that I received the other day was a complete blank sounds settings screen The structure was there but all fields were all blank.   Not even dummy output was present.
Pinephone 32GB
Arch Linux Phosh.

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