Compatible replacement battery for the Pinephone Pro
As of the time of writing this post, the official pinephone lithium battery is out of stock.

The wikipage to which the above page redirects to (namely this one) says:

Quote:The supplied battery is meant to be compatible with Samsung part number EB-BJ700BBC / BBE / CBE from the 2015 J7 phone. The extended life aftermarket BBU does fit, although it is a tight fit.

Based on the above, I went ahead and purchased a Samsung EB-BJ700CBE battery.
However, this is a REALLY tight fit in the phone. If you wedge it in enough, it fits, but it feels to me like there is a lot of pressure on the battery from the case.
E.g., it is impossible to get the battery out with your nail alone; I had to get a spoon and use it as a lever over the side of the case, to even get the battery to get unstuck enough to pull it out. And when you cram it in, it's so tight you can see part of the covering over the battery 'crinkle' a little bit.

I'm very reluctant to use this battery, despite the fact that I can, in theory, "cram" it in; to me that sounds like a recipe for trouble somehow. Samsung batteries have enough of an 'explosive' reputation even in the absence of undue pressure on the battery as it is ...

Has anyone else had any experience with this battery? Is it safe to use despite the tight fit?
If my worries are not unwarranted, does anyone recommend any other battery which fits a bit more reasonably?
Better yet, is the official Pinephone lithium battery expected to be back in stock anytime soon?

Many thanks Smile

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