Should I just never use the PP keyboard?
I received my keyboard a few days ago, long awaited, probably because of COVID supply chain issues.

I've gotten it to work, but with some serious issues. First and most importantly, keys constantly get "stuck" and repeat a character continually, until I hit another key or two to break it out of the loop. I've had the keyboard's repeating character issues cause me to execute commands in the terminal from my shell history that I did not want to execute, which obviously can be extremely dangerous if you're doing the wrong task.
I've tried both the userland and kernel-mode drivers. Both have this issue, so probably not a software issue.

I haven't found a workaround for this. I've tried to ensure the pogo pins make good contact, doesn't seem to help.

Secondly, while I can live with the idea that I can't use the phone's USB-C port while it's in the keyboard, I have also heard gurglings of keyboards destroying PinePhones for no apparent reason, even when instructions are followed. If this is true, I may not want to use the keyboard at all, because despite its bugginess, I do use my PinePhone with Fedora as my daily driver.

Lastly, the keys just suck. You have to hit them dead-on or they don't depress, and even then you have to hit them *hard*, and I'm not just talking about the top row.

Returning isn't an option, for one it's not enough money to be worth the shipping hassle, and for another I doubt Pine64 would respond to help in any reasonable amount of time anyways.

What the hell should I do? Just eat the cost and forget about it?

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Should I just never use the PP keyboard? - by Subsentient - 06-17-2022, 03:05 PM

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