Latest Manjaro breaks Keyboard Case (Again)?
(06-15-2022, 11:06 AM)prestelpirate Wrote:
(06-08-2022, 08:15 AM)hollerpots Wrote: Hi, fellow user @Hook and I are getting flustered with the state of the keyboard case driver in Manjaro/Phosh. Looks like Mobian is having trouble too. I've commented in a few other places, including in the Manjaro forum, and it seems like we might be the only ones.

I'm having the same issues as well. Updates randomly break the keyboard - it's not even recongised - and I too can't get the userspace driver to load correctly.

A full reflash of the OS works fine - until there's another update, at which point the keyboard stops working again.

Yeah, to circle back, I tried the steps linked from Reddit, including installing the plasma-desktop package. Unfortunately, it looks like it's making assumptions about my US locale, and doesn't give me an option for AltG with the Pinephone Keyboard layout. AltG usually isn't on US keyboards, sure, but this is a worldly keyboard, why would the layout remove it? Using other keys for the "3rd combo" trigger was unsuccessful.

I love Manjaro (and Arch of course), but I'm honestly looking around to see if there are any other distros more diligently focusing on Pinephone + Keyboard. Mobian seems to have the same pain. I get it, it's a beta device, but the repeat breaking updates is really turning a few of us off from what could be an awesome mini-Linux PDA. I'll poke at it a little more and report back.

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