Anyone yet received replacement sim/sd card holder
My PPP is borked over sim/sd card issues due to multidinous reinsertions of cards into holder.  Doesn't find sim or make calls as it once did.  The sim card is good as it works in PP.

Per the instructions of pinephone, it was stated that they will send you a new sim/sd card holder if you send your order number and a picture of the card to "pinephone support".  Have done that and no response that they will send a new card or that they even acknowledge receipt of my request.  Sent more than a month ago.

I admit that I took the picture myself and did not take phone to repair shop.  I'm not paying $100 to get a repair shop to send a picture.  I might pay them to install the part later but so far no progress on getting the part.  I might even install a new PPP board if those are ever available on PPP parts site.

So, anyone yet received a replacement sim/sd card holder as promised by pinephone?

thanks,       tom kosvic

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Anyone yet received replacement sim/sd card holder - by tckosvic - 06-07-2022, 08:21 AM

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