The modem does not recognize Korean SIM cards (what?)
I am exploring my newly purchased PinePhone, and I have encountered what looks like quite a big problem for me. I live in Korea, and when I insert a Korean SIM card into the phone, the phone says that the SIM card slot is empty. (Precisely: home screen -> up arrow (all apps) -> settings -> cellular network -> there it says that the SIM slot is empty.)

With any of the other SIM cards I have (I have them from several countries and from different carriers, both expired and working, more than 10 in total), it always says "SIM 0", like the SIM card is there. And when I insert any of the two Korean SIM cards I have (one expired and one working), it says that the SIM slot is empty.

I want to underline that I am not talking about network registration/rejection of my SIM card, I am talking about the modem "locally" reporting the presence of a SIM card, before any network registration. All other phones I have say that the SIM card is there when I insert it, but with the PinePhone I have this issue. I've tried to boot the PinePhone from a microSD card, the same result: sees foreign cards, does not see Korean ones.

I don't know what happens on a deeper level, I don't know if it is actually a hardware issue or a software one, but on the GUI level it looks like this. And this makes the phone almost unusable for me.

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The modem does not recognize Korean SIM cards (what?) - by bdicewk - 06-04-2022, 07:32 AM

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