Using Windows 10 to install SailfishOS
Oke, I installed Ubuntu Touch, Arch Linux, Jumpdrive, Multi-distro and Manjaro. Manjaro seems to be the most suitable OS for me, but I want to play with SailfishOS. The SailfishOS on the multiboot doesn't load properly (like most of the loaders don't on the multiboot) so I have to install it by myself. Now here comes the tricky part for me, because I can't find an image, only that uses another way that, for me, doesn't look familiar what I used to do. I work on a Windows 10, sorry...

Is there an tutorial or easy step by step? I found this in the comments of a YouTube video:
"...Then simply open Etcher and select that Pinephone EMMC from inside etcher, and flash the SailfishOS onto this...." 
But the files I found don't even do a thing! Where to find an image?

EDIT: I find another way to make an image in 'raw', so forgot this topic Smile

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Using Windows 10 to install SailfishOS - by Kimberley van Buyten - 05-27-2022, 01:43 AM

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